SWMSBF Annual Meeting, March 22, 2018

12-2PM, Kalamazoo Nature Center, Cooper's Glen Auditorium

March 22 is World Water Day! Join us from 12-2PM for lunch and Dr. Dave Van Wylen's presentation Water: Precious, Precarious, Problematic, Perplexing, Promising.

Water is essential for life, yet humans have put this precious resource in a precarious state in the world. This raises a myriad of international, domestic, and local problems. Americans treat water in perplexing ways, mostly based on our perceptions that water is (or should be) abundant, accessible, and affordable. At the turn of the century, then UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali said, "Water will be more important than oil this century." We are slowly waking up to this reality, responding in many cases in a manner that provides promise that we are rising to meet the challenge.